Our Talented Staff

Discover the Wide Range of Talents of Our Team at Overtones

We are extremely proud of our staff, all who work hard making their customer’s lives more beautiful.
Feel free to stop in and meet us in person, but until then, please meet our team:



Stacy DeGelormo, Co-Owner

Stacy has over 28 years of experience in hairdressing at the Overtones Salon. She is a New York State Licensed Cosmetologist and a master in color formulation and correction, artistic updo’s and one-of-a-kind trendsetting haircuts. Stacy has expertise in multidimensional coloring, foiling and block coloring as well as men’s cuts that include fades, clippers, flat tops and any new trends. Stacy has been an ASK Expert Color Educator for Schwarzkopf Professional for the past 7 years, which keeps her and her team at the top of their game.

Stacy always strives to stay on top, continuously to learn new techniques, and remains a guiding light and a strong team leader for the entire staff.



laura900Laura Longinott, Co-Owner

Laura is a highly talented stylist and has worked at Overtones over 28 years – always striving to help clients feel fantastic about themselves! She is a New York State Licensed Cosmetologist. Her knowledge and expertise in color formulation, color correction, foils, perms, and innovative, creative up-do’s, provides her customers with one-of-a-kind, trend-setting designs. She is also skillful in full body and facial waxing.

Laura is always improving her talents by attending new seminars and workshops regularly. As a stylist, she is an invaluable resource to her clientele. As team leader, she is always proud to share her skills with her co-workers at Overtones.






Diane’s 40 years of hairdressing experience shows in her 30+ years at Overtones. As a New York State Licensed Cosmetologist and Senior Hairdresser, she brings her talent and compassion to every client. She enjoys being creative with color and perms, and is truly dedicated and accommodating to her clients. She brings a personal flair and dedication to all her work. She is always perfecting her craft, attending many workshops and shows for new trends and techniques.






Stephanie has been a tremendous asset for over 15 years at Overtones. She is a New York State Licensed Cosmetologist. She is a full service hairstylist, specializing in relaxers, strengtheners, Keratin, color and foils. Stephanie is part time but she makes her customers her top priority by making herself available at their convenience. She attends workshops and shows at least 2-3 times a year to stay on top of her profession.






Jill has been at Overtones for over 12 years, always making her clients look and feel their best. She has a gentle touch with both young and more mature clients. Her color work and perms are as exceptional as is her hair cutting. She has attended color and cutting workshops. Jill takes great pride in all of her work and enjoys making her clients feel beautiful.







Jessica has been with Overtones for over 15 years. She is a New York State Licensed Cosmetologist. She focuses on perfection and attention to detail. Her specialty includes men, women and children’s haircuts and specializes in creative color and highlights, as well. Her dedication to her craft shows with every client.






kim-stengleinKim S.

Kim has been an exceptional Hair Stylist for over 20 years, and at Overtones for over 15. She is a New York State Licensed Cosmetologist. She likes to keep up with the latest trends by attending classes allowing her to stay on top of her profession. Kim is experienced in all kinds of hair styles for women – short or long, and men’s clipper cuts, flat tops, and more. She loves creating new styles with color and foils. She is proficient in Keratin/ Brazilian Smoothing System. She is very dedicated to all of her clients.





kimberly2Kim M.

Kim M. is a NY State Licensed Cosmetologist who has been with Overtones for over 20 years. Her dedication to her clients prevails above all. Specializing in coloring, cutting, and amazing up-do creations, her work ethic and creativity puts her at the top of her craft. She is proficient in Keratin/ Brazilian Smoothing System.







Gina has been with Overtones for over 15 years. She is a New York Licensed Cosmetologist and working hard to build a loyal Clientele. She is experienced in ethnic hair, color, foiling, balayage and hair painting. She is also is Certified in Babe Tape in Extensions, her work is flawless! Patient and kind, she helps out wherever she is needed.






Debbie O’Brien

Debbie has been a licensed cosmetologist for the past 30+ years. She took time away from styling hair to raise her three children. She has now joined our team as a receptionist as well as an assistant.  She is excited to be back in the field she loves. Debbie is always eager to learn new trends in color and haircuts.  She looks forward to having her own salon chair here at Overtones.




NICOLENicole Afonso

Nicole has been working at Overtones for a few months now. She is currently in school, practicing cosmetology, while also having hands-on experience at the salon. She looks forward to getting her own license so she can have a salon chair of her own, someday soon.






Sharen is a highly skilled nail technician and has been with Overtones for over 30 years. Through the years, Sharen has mastered the art of artificial and natural nail care.








Amy, a highly-skilled, talented manicurist, has been with Overtones for over 10 years. She is a NY State Licensed Nail Technician and specializes in acrylic, manicure and pedicure needs. Amy provides the best care with a gentle touch. She is full-time at the salon.